Salsa Dancing

If one country is well known for salsa, Cuba is it. Night time sees Cuba coming alive, rather than dying down, and the locals really enjoy dancing ensuring there are plenty of options for salsa in Cuba. The biggest cities, Havana and Santiago De Cuba predictably have the largest selection of venues for salsa in Cuba, however most towns have at least one venue for dance and live music. You won't be short of options when planning your Cuba dance holiday!

Cuba's salsa clubs offer the most exhilarating, friendly and fun way to step into the heart of the island. If you have ever dreamed of learning how to dance, with the Latin swing in your hips, in a beautiful Caribbean setting, a salsa holiday in Cuba is undoubtedly for you.

Cuba's salsa was derived from an earlier dance form called Son. The Cuban style developed into a very relaxed, passionate and expressive style where your personality gets to shine as much as your dance steps on a salsa holiday!

All Inclusive hotels tend to offer salsa classes as part of the package, but for a Cuba dance holiday, we would suggest the Sample Salsa Itinerary itinerary, which provides the opportunity to salsa dance with local experts as well as allowing guests to explore the cultural delights of Havana. For holiday makers looking to learn or enjoy salsa, whether you have one left foot or two, a dance holiday in Cuba is an excellent choice


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