Eco Tours

If you are one of the growing number of ecologically and socially conscious travellers, or you just love nature, then a Cuba eco holiday is a great choice for you. This spectacular island paradise is filled with natural wonders of animal and plant life.

Los Jasmines Hotel

Conservation-conscious tours in unspoiled landscapes are available at a number of hotels in Cuba. Eco trips can be booked at the Los Jasmines Hotel In the Vinales Valley. This hotel offers a wide range of touring options, including trails ideal for ecotourism.

La Moka Hotel

At the eco-friendly hotel La Moka in Pinar Del Rio a tree grows up through the lobby and its branches disappear through holes in the roof. This hotel was virtually made for Cuba eco holidays - some of its electricity comes from solar panels and much of the food served is grown in hydroponic, organic gardens.

La Moka is a starting point for numerous nature trails and a wonderful location for those interested in conservation and wildlife. One of their Cuba eco trips takes visitors to the Las Terrazas Tourist Complex, 5000 hectares of mainly untouched land in Pinar del Río.

At Las Terrazas you can get a feel for Cuba's natural wonders; tropical forests, mountains, valleys and waterfalls. You will also spot some fantastic flora and fauna on this eco trip. Cuba's national flower, the butterfly lily, can be found on this trail. You can also find Bleteas, purpíreas, curujeyes, mastic trees and royal palm trees. The fauna includes water lizards, tiny frogs and a number of native songbirds.

Cayo Levisa Resort

Another option is the low-key island resort of Cayo Levisa, with simple accommodation in beachside cabanas, which have a very low impact on the environment - also ideal for a Cuba eco trip



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