Caribbean diving holidays guarantee some memorable times. From the warm waters to the vast array of tropical fish, anyone from those born with a wet suit on to those who have never seen an oxygen tank should be able to have an unforgettable experience diving in Cuba.

We are here to help you plan your Caribbean diving trip, and we will happily arrange diving at different areas and centres for you during the same trip. Experienced divers should remember to bring their C-Card with certification level along with their logs. NAUI safety standards are applied at all centres, and all of Cuba's dive areas have sites both for experienced divers and for those novices enjoying their first diving holiday.

Cuba's warm 24C/76F (yearly average) waters are clear and pristine with hardly any coral destruction or pollution, making it ideal for a diving holiday. The average visibility is 30 to 40 metres, and Cuba's diving holiday makers will delight in the underwater paradise unveiled before their eyes - home to 50 species of coral and 200 species of sponge! Pillar, staghorn, elkhorn, spectacular gorgonians, sea fans and plume worms are all there to be seen, as are barrel and tube sponges, sea urchins, spiny lobsters, coral shrimp and crabs on the seabed ensuring a fascinating variety.

Against this pristine backdrop, the dozens of species of fish glide around in undulating schools or solitary independence. Moray eels peer from within caves, squids and octopi drift by alongside barracuda, rays and even the occasional shark. For fans of underwater documentaries, a Caribbean holiday spent diving in Cuba is a jaw-dropping experience!

Cuba's diving instructors are certified by SSI, ACUC or CMAS, and centres can usually provide teachers that speak a variety of languages. Beginners at all centres can qualify to dive with just a few hours of study time spent in the pool, training and practice diving. Cuba's many dive resorts mostly have enough variety that even non-diving members of your party will avoid boredom.

Many of Cuba's dive sites offer diving to shipwrecks and caves, for those who want a change in the scenery on their dives. With two dives provided per day, night dives are available at most of Cuba's dive centres, and with swift access to the sites through modern boats, your diving experience - whether a first timer or a veteran - is sure to be memorable. If you have never dived before, and have even a passing interest in fish and marine life, you should really consider Cuba's dive sites for exceptionally welcoming waters combined with fascinating scenery and life. For veterans of diving, Cuba offers challenges you won't find elsewhere - come along and fall in love with the pristine ocean and dazzling variety of marine life.

We've picked out three locations widely regarded as the best for diving in Cuba to assess in detail, but if you want to book elsewhere, we'll be more than happy to provide more information and help arrange the diving holiday of a lifetime for you.

Discuss what you want to see in this underwater paradise with our Cuba experts - call 01438 310099 Fish, shipwrecks or coral - we'll make sure your diving holiday is unforgettable.

Our Favourite Dive Sites in Cuba

Diving in Maria la Gorda

The place expert scuba divers and those who wish to make diving the main focus of their Cuban holiday - this region is bereft of attractions outside the warm clear blue ocean teeming with ocean life and spectacular scenery.

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Diving in Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo

Those with a fascination in marine life will love this region: it's variety of sea life is unparalleled and diving in this region can open your eyes to a whole new world beneath the water's surface...

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