Cycling Tours

Cuba is a fantastic & wonderful place to do some cycling. The generally flat terrain and the year- round climate make Cuba an excellent choice for a cycling holiday. Due to the US trade embargo against Cuba, means there are very few cars on the road in comparison to other Latin American countries this in turn makes cycling all the more safer and much more enjoyable. In addition, millions of Cubans own bicycles which they use on a daily basis so you won't stand out from the crowds while cycling in Cuba. Although most Cubans do use bicycles for daily activities such as going to work or to the shops, and the idea of competitive or recreational long distance cycling is not really popular in Cuba with the locals. However, this shouldn't stop you from having a great time cycling in Cuba.

Cycling routes in Cuba

There are no official cycling routes in Cuba, and how much cycling you do really depends on you. Some people prefer to spend only a few hours cycling along the beach in Cuba, while others will try cycling from one end of Cuba to the other. Just consult a map and decide where you want to go cycling in Cuba. If you are staying in a tourist holiday resort in Cuba, the officials there will almost certainly be able to recommend a good local cycling route for you.

Below are is a suggestion of some of the best cycle routes in Cuba.

Route Name/Location



Las Terrazas – Soroa 35km Heavy
Remedios – Cayo Santa María 60km Medium
Trinidad – Playa Ancon 30km Light
Santiago – Chivirico 70km Heavy
Guardalavaca – Banes 68km Light
Moka – Baracoa 72km Heavy
Pinar del Rio – Vinales 28km Heavy

Renting a bicycle in Cuba

The best place to rent a bicycle in Cuba is at the holiday resort you will be staying at. These resorts will have the best quality bicycles; however, people usually only rent from here if they want to go cycling on a day trip. If you are a real cycling enthusiast and want to spend a good couple of weeks cycling around Cuba, then your best option is to bring your own bicycle. Or go on one of our escorted bicycle tours.



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