A Taste of Cuba

Cuban cuisine has been influenced by the best of Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese cultures, but in Cuba, food that is indigenous to the region also plays an important role: root vegetables such as yuca, malanga and boniato are all popular in local cooking, usually flavoured with a delicious marinade, called mojo. The Havana markets are bustling with locals buying the freshest, most mouth-watering ingredients at a price that will make Cuban holiday visitors balk at the amount we pay for plain fast foods here. In Cuba, restaurant prices are also surprisingly cheap considering the quality of the ingredients and the outstanding flavour achieved.

In Cuba, restaurant delicacies include sumptuous meats and poultry, delicately marinated in citrus juices, such as lime or sour orange juices, and then roasted over low heat until the meat is tender and literally falling off the bone. If you're a little nervous of the exotic delights the local cuisine can offer, Cuban foods, such as fritas (Cuba's equivalent of the hamburger), Pinchos (Kebabs) and Masitas de Puerco Fritas (lightly fried pork cuts) are all tasty and great value alternatives, that will make you never want to look at a McDonalds again!

While you're in Cuba, food will be accompanied by some excellent local drinks. As well as the usual mojitos and rums, you have to try a glass or two of Guarapo - the fresh juice of the sugar cane. Despite sounding overly sweet, the traditional Cuban drink is only slightly sweeter than orange juice, and with considerably less sugar than most western soft drinks. It's incredibly refreshing, and the ideal drink to enjoy after a thirsty plane journey, or to accompany sumptuous savoury Cuban food.

As the island's main crop is sugar cane, it is no surprise that Cuban deserts are also amongst the best around, and there is no shortage of ways for you to satisfy your sweet tooth! Capuchinos (rich egg yolk based cakes, coasted in sugar syrup), turron de mani (rich peanut bars) and coquitos (sweet coconut balls) are all immensely popular deserts for you while enjoying your Cuba holiday.


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