Welcome to Cuba hotels - Instant online confirmation with competitive rates for hotels throughout Cuba. 

At Cuba hotels we pride ourselves on delivering the best rates and flexibility in planning your stay in this wonderful destination. We feature almost every resort in Cuba from bustling Havana to the tranquillity of Cayo Largo.

In addition to the best instant confirmation hotels in Cuba, we offer tailor made Cuba holidays. All our staff, both in London and Havana, have extensive experience of the island and can offer in depth advice as to which hotels, areas and activities are best suited to your Cuban holiday.

Whether you want to go horseback riding through the lush Vinales Valley, Scuba Dive in the warm, exotic waters of Maria La Gorda, or simply relax on the glorious golden sands of Varadero, our Cuban holiday experts can ensure the perfect itinerary for your trip. Let us help you plan your dream tailor made Cuba holiday, and we guarantee to show you the best of the Caribbean's most beautiful island

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